Slimming With Acupuncture

Slimming With AcupunctureSlimming With Acupuncture

Today, acupuncture is a kind of alternative treatment method used for many health problems.
This practice, which is done with the help of fine needles in certain areas of our body, is one of the methods used to lose weight. Incorrect nutrition and lack of exercise is one of the most important causes of weight gain. Acupuncture therapy can also be applied in addition to dietary programs to get rid of this fat in your body.

How is it weakened with acupuncture?

Acupuncture plays an important role in weight loss, fast and safe weight loss. But what should be noted here is the correct point application to weaken.
Because acupuncture improves endorphin secretion in the body, it accelerates metabolism and facilitates fat burning. Electro-stimulation is used in this application. The acupuncture needles are left in the application areas for 45 minutes. The aim is to reduce appetite by applying pressure on the designated areas. The pressure produced helps to weaken the body by providing more endorphin secretion.
Acupuncture and weight loss process can be applied every day in the first five days. In subsequent applications it can be removed up to 2 or 3 weeks. The amount and intervals of sessions should be determined by the doctor. People should not resort to creating an application calendar of their own.

Usefulness of Decoupling with Acupuncture Method

Acupuncture helps reduce appetite by affecting the appetite center in the hypothalamus region in the brain. This helps to weaken by decreasing the desire to eat during the day.
Acupuncture balances acid secretion in the face and helps you to exercise a healthy diet by reducing stomach burning and stomach burning due to starvation.
Acupuncture therapy regulates fatigue and fatigue caused by the diet and increases the energy level of the person.
Acupuncture treatment accelerates the metabolism and helps to lose weight faster.
Acupuncture treatment gives rise to serotonin and endorphin level increase and gives a sense of happiness to the person.
In our policlinic, professional body analysis is done with the latest technology regularly to the people who are in obesity treatment.
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 Things to be aware of when weakening with acupuncture

Along with acupuncture treatment, there should be some changes in the diet. A nutrition plan focused on fruits and vegetables should be prepared. Low carbohydrate and fat intake is one of the things to consider. It is also recommended that foods rich in fiber and protein are consumed. As the fibrous foods enable the digestive system to work healthier and faster, it increases the muscle volume and reduces the fat volume.
One of the things to be aware of at a loss is the reduction of stress. For this reason yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can be done regularly.
An important aspect of weakening is the creation of a dynamic lifestyle. You can have 30 minutes of running or 45 minutes of walking on a regular basis every day. Aerobic exercises or weight exercises may be applied for 3 or 4 days a week.
It is recommended to consume herbal teas regularly during the slimming process. Herbal teas such as Mate tea, oolong tea, green tea or fennel, anise and chamomile tea are teas with fat burning properties.
It should not be forgotten to consume 3 liters of water every day absolutely. Sufficiency of water consumption provides balance by accelerating metabolism and fat burning process.
Acupuncture reduces hunger. Decreases such as stomach ache and stomach scraping. It also has features that reduce fatigue and fatigue.

Can we lose weight after acupuncture?

The most common complaints are the withdrawal of pills after acupuncture treatment. This is because of the wrong nutrition after the treatment. A healthy and balanced diet plan should be followed in the Akupuntur process and afterwards. In this way, the removal of the kilos is prevented. Body tightness should also be maintained with regular exercise. Acupuncture is given about 4 to 6 pounds per month. The amount of weight given varies from person to person.

How many acupuncture sessions are done?

The number of treatment sessions and sessions in acupuncture varies according to the person to be treated. Acupuncture treatment helps to lose weight but is not enough to lose weight alone. A person can gain weight again as long as they continue to have nutritional errors. A fruit and vegetable diet program should also be applied to ensure that the given kilograms are not taken back.