Leech Therapy

  • Leech Therapy

     Leech Therapy 

    The leech therapy is called “leech therapy” when the leeches coming from the same sow with the ground worm suck the dirty blood in the body and give it to the body.

    Leech treatment, unlike what is known, is not the treatment of absorption by blood, but the treatment by the effect of the epidemic given to the body during absorption.


    This secretion mainly contains Hirudin and Calin substances. 

    – anticoagulant (antiagregan),

    – formed coagulant (fibrinolytic),

    – pain reliever (analgesic-antirheumatic),

    – germicide (antibacterial),

    – blood pressure balancer (antihypertensive),

    – muscle relaxant (myorelaxan),

    – immune system regulator (immunomodulator),

    – have anxiolytic effects.

Areas where leech therapy is used

Leech Therapy is a treatment for heart and vascular diseases, varicose veins, inflammatory and inflammatory joint rheumatism, epilepsy varieties, soft tissue rheumatism, cholesterol, hypertension, paralysis, partial paralysis, acne, pimple, psoriasis , migraine, sinusitis and all kinds of headaches, hypertension, obesity due to thyroid, asthma and bronchial diseases in hemorrhoids, eye diseases such as eczema, hemorrhoids, glaucoma and related visual loss, We should also mention the use of Protective Envy due to the strong antioxidant effect of the sulphate; Leech Therapy, which is made from certain points several times a year, has protective effect against many diseases in that year especially infections. It is successfully used in burns, unhealed wounds and surgical scars, gangrene, meningitis, impotence, sexual augmentation effects (aphrodisiac), reproductive disorders, infertility, hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids).

How is Leech Therapy done?

There are some procedures that need to be followed about how to use hydration in hirudotherapy applications. This treatment should be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor. The specialist doctor must tell the patient individually and clearly how the patient is waiting from the beginning to the end of the procedure. In this case, the practice of the patient becomes perfect in practice


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